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BarnwoodUSA Rustic Farmhouse Style Open Signature Picture Frame for DIY projects | 10x10 | 100% Recycled and Reclaimed Wood

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If you love the rustic look of your home furnishing and looking for a perfect piece of art for your space to provide an antique touch, then you are at the right place. It is not a secret that the naive gaze of the wood provides a classic and adorable appeal to your place and everyone wants to install such accessories in their homes, for that, we have brought a crude and unsophisticated open frame picture frame. It is ideal for your pictures, as well as to hold your paintings also. You can also perform your creativity on it, to make it more memorable and auspicious wall art for you.

The enthusiastic glance of the frame acts as a subtle eye-catching piece. It is handcrafted by our specialists with the best quality checked utterly bona fide reclaimed and recycled wood. As it is handmade, every piece comprises some special and distinctive aspects that means two pieces cannot be similar to each other rather than their size. It may have splinters and random nail holes that add a beautiful touch to your place.

The measurement availability for this open frame is 10x10 which perfectly suits your unadorned walls. It comes with a denticulate hanger to ease you mount it on the walls. It is bi-directional i.e. it can be mount horizontally as well as vertically according to your choice and requirement.

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