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BarnwoodUSA Deluxe Rustic Farmhouse Style Decorative Chevron Arrows - Set of 3 - Set of 3 (2" x 4", Espresso)

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Furnish your space with our deluxe rustic farmhouse style wooden decorative chevron arrows. The naive gaze of these rustic wooden arrows brings a glamourous look to your living, corridor, libraries, and shops. You may use it as a platform to display your own creative ideas or work done.

The rustic and crude look of these wooden arrows adds a classic charm to your home. These are handcrafted by our specialists with the finest quality reclaimed and upcycled wood. The leftover shiverings and random nail holes provide a beautiful appeal to them.

These deluxe wooden arrows are shipped with 4 pieces. It comes with denticulate hangers to ease you accessorize it on your plain walls. The charming and adorable gaze of these arrows makes them different from other home furnishing items.

These are easy to use and also provide trouble-free convenience to move from one place to another as these are light in weight.

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