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BarnwoodUSA Rustic Farmhouse Style Beveled Edge Mirror with Jute Rope Hanger (Weathered Gray)

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Determine your mood of the space with this wooden mirror frame by embellishing it. This rustic frame adds a classic and iconic look to your home furnishing. Either you may display it in your living or grooming space it may surely intensify the allure of your area. The rustic and crude look of the frame makes it unique from other furnishing items. 

This frame is handcrafted with utterly bona fide retrieved and upcycled wood. The leftover shiverings and random nail holes add a rustic and crude gaze to it. It is completely non-toxic and does not harsh on the environment. 

This mirror frame includes a denticulate hanger to ease you to accessorize it according to your choice and requirement. It offers convenience to be displayed horizontally as well as vertically. 

It proves to be an ideal and foremost gift for your family and friends. It may enhance and intensify the beauty of your home decor and improves your relations with its glamouring appeal. It may surely bring a cute smile on the faces whom you may give it.

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