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BarnwoodUSA Rustic 15 Inch Decorative Arrow Sign - 100% Reclaimed Wood, Weathered Gray

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For those who still live in this dilemma that they cannot make their home fascinating without featuring an expensive piece of art. This wooden arrow would impel you to think again. No longer, you need to wonder about transforming the space right beside the front door into a clutter-free zone? Try this decorative arrow sign that can hold heavy items like coats, hats, jackets. Wherever placed, it helps you to wake up to your house decor with a beautiful arrow that's both chic and sized right. Not to mention, this beautiful decor is an absolute delight for your guests that can help them reach your destination if you are planning to place them on our most special day. You can also think of placing at your entrance, kid’s room, outhouse, or even the living room.  Following you can see we have made this out of reclaimed wood and therefore, it has natural knots, nail holes, and other imperfections, which further gives it a countryside look. Can be used for commercial properties as well.

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