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BarnwoodUSA Rustic Farmhouse Style Small Spring Wooden Clothes Pins | 0.5"x1.75" | Pack of 10 | 100% Reclaimed Wood

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In every home, there is a need to pin up the washed wet clothes to let them dry but what matters is the reduction in the allure of your space. Now, this can also be resolved by inserting these rustic farmhouse style small spring wooden clothespins into your home. The rough and crude gaze of these pins adds the aesthetic glance to your home needs also. These are ideal for household, artistic, and personal uses such as hanging wet clothes, developing photographs, sheets, or other objects to prevent them from falling down. Some crafty work can also be done through your innovative ideas.

The naive and unsophisticated appeal of these pins came from its inheritance as it is made up of 100% bona fide reclaimed and recycled wood. These are completely non-toxic in nature and also donate to the rescue of the environment. It also reduces the waste. It is not a secret that the wooden appeal of the home decor or home needs items add an artistic look to your place, so to provide the same without harming the environment we have found another way of producing products by recycling the old and used wood converting them into a beautiful and adorable appeal. So through this, we hit the two birds with one stone. These are available in  0.5"x1.75" sizes. 

Trick out these pins to satisfy your needs and also can be used in your creative artwork, so utilize these to get the perfect results.

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