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Rustic Farmhouse Blanket Ladder 1.5 Depth (2x4 Ladder) All Sizes and Color

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Multiple Colors & Sizes available!
Some of our customers hang their ladder vertically, while others choose to lean it against a wall to give their room that three-dimensional look that’s sure to leave a smile on every guest’s face. Our regular rustic blanket ladders measure 4', 5', 6’ long, 12” wide, and 1.5” deep. the 4' ladder will have 4 rungs, the 5' ladder has 5 rungs, and the 6' ladder will have 6 rungs. Each ladder will also have a wider size available with our 18" wide option! We’ve left you a whopping 10” of space between each rung to make room for anything you’d like to display! 
** Please note that our reclaimed wood will vary in tone and color. Sometimes is a light gray, darker gray or light brown.
We can't select the wood at the time of making the products, but we try to match as best as we can though **

*Due to the rustic nature of the wood, please be aware there can be splinters and/or nail holes.

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